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Building a web site is like building a home - the price will depend on the size and the number of special features each will have.

Web costs can be divided into several sections:

Domain Name Registration - This has to be done with Network Solutions or a similar company authorized to do registrations, and costs $70 for the first two years and $35 a year thereafter. (You pay them, not me)  I don't charge any extra for doing the actual registration if you're going to be my client.

Initial Web Server Setup - This is a one-time fee of $50 which gets your www domain name pointed all the way through the internet system into the home of your web site.

Annual Hosting Fee for a Standard Web Site - We charge a flat $200 per year, payable in advance, for your site to live on our high-quality UNIX web server all year long and be available 24x7 to the world.   We don't charge extra for what is known as "bandwidth" - the number of visitors you have each month.

Secure Server Hosting - Our e-commerce stores live on a separate, "secure" server which houses our sophisticated shopping cart software and assures your customers their credit card purchases are "encrypted" and safe from prying eyes.  Our e-commerce "stores" are "bolted-on" to your main web site and operate using a database-driven system from which you can retrieve your orders directly over the web using a user I.D. and password through a secure connection.   E-commerce store setup and licensing is a one-time fee of $200 per store, and $480 per year to run the store 24x7x365 (all year long).  Add to this the cost of me programming the store with your products, photos, and descriptions.  I've purposely set these rates very low so you can comfortably add products to your store without breaking your budget (see more below in my example).

Note all our fees are annual fees because (a) we're not interested in working for anyone who isn't going to be with us at least a year, and (b) we keep our costs low by NOT having to do monthly billing and pass the savings on to our clients.

The last part of the cost is that of design or or maintenance of a site.  All initial or ongoing programming is charged at $50 per hour in half-hour increments and it is the only part that is billed monthly.


For a site about the size of this one (my personal web turf), expect to pay about $1800 more or less for the very first year (only), which will include the initial setup, all programming, custom graphics, and standard web hosting for the entire year.  This is everything except the domain name registration.  Additional "maintenance" (changes to the site during the year) are billed at $50 per programming hour in 1/2 hour increments.

Jim's Basic Turnkey Business Web Site

This is an "informational" site which tells the world who you are, where you are located, what products or services you offer, and how to contact you.   It's what I use, and it works real well for most purposes.

My Design Work Includes:

  • 8 pages, or "sections", such as I have here, including a map to your location if you need one

  • Up to 16 images or scanned photographs, color-corrected, retouched, and cropped as necessary

  • Your logo if you have one, or custom design of a suitable logo-like graphic if you don't

  • A custom-designed background, such as the one on this page

  • A custom-made animated email button if you wish

  • Background music (midi files) if you wish

  • Proper metafile (hidden) structures for proper search engine positioning (my trade secret)

  • An email alias (yourname@yoursite.com) which will point, or forward to your current email address.  This is so you can change your ISP (and your email address) in the future if you wish without confusing your customers.

  • A pop-up email link on every page, pre-addressed to your personal or business email account

  • Unlimited Bandwidth - you site can have as many visitors as you wish without incurring "bandwidth charges"

  • And a final note:  I personally program every site - I do not farm out work to college students!

Also Included:

  • Hosting for the first full year

  • Registration of your site with the following search engines: Altavista, AskJeeves. Excite, Go, Google, Infoseek, Hotbot, Lycos, MSN, NorthernLight, and WebCrawler

Total Turnkey Development and Hosting Cost:

  • Your Domain name registration with InterNIC is NOT INCLUDED - you must pay them directly

  • Each additional year is only $200 for hosting

  • Additional work (after the initial site is finished) is billed at $60 per hour in 1/2 hour increments.


Jim's Basic E-Commerce Package

Click here for a Demonstration of the
Miva Merchant storefront development
and management system

I use the incredibly robust and scalable Miva Merchant software to create online stores of any size.

Click on the Miva logo at left to visit a demonstration store.

This is a "bolt-on" online store which may be created for any web site.  It offers a broad range of options for presenting products by size, color, or quantity.  Customers use a shopping cart, then proceed to a secure checkout where shipping is automatically calculated and a courtesy email is automatically sent back to them.

Determine your bolt-on online store costs
using this menu:

  • Initial setup and licensing - $200 - (one time charge)
  • Initial Configuration:
    Line item products (no photos) - $10 per product
    Illustrated product (with single client-supplied photo)
                                             - $15 per product
  • Annual storefront lease (up to 100 products)
                                                          $480 per year
  • Product Information Change
    (after initial configuration) - $5 per change
  • Note: you must obtain your own merchant card account.  Setup and leasing costs are payable in advance.

For example, if you are planning on selling, say, 10 different (illustrated) products in your store and you don't have any price or other changes for the entire year, your entire first year setup and operating cost (turnkey, with me doing all the work) will be only $830.00.

Each following year (with no changes) would be only $480.00

"Miva Merchant has been a big part of our e-commerce dreams coming true... Projected sales for the year 2000 are on track for reaching $4-6 Million, and that's just the beginning."

- Aron Benon, President Florist.Com



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