On a hill overlooking Vermont's Champlain Valley is Middlebury College - a world-class, independent, coed, four-year, liberal arts institution. Its 350-acre campus consists of 56 buildings of varying architectures, including centers for the sciences, computers, arts, and foreign languages - the latter of which has gained Middlebury an international reputation.

The College, which operates five schools abroad, was designated in 1991 a National Resource Center in Soviet and East European Studies by the U.S. Department of Education. In the nearby Green Mountains lies the Bread Loaf campus, home of the noted Writers' Conference held there each summer. The College's Phi Beta Kappa chapter was established in 1868.

Fast approaching its bicentennial, Middlebury remains committed to excellence in its academic offerings- and to building, on traditional strengths, a modern community of learning. The College recently installed a cluster of RISC System/6000 computers as the core of its computing infrastructure.

We here at Middlebury Networks thank the College for it's incalculable contribution to the richness of our community. It's faculty, staff, and student body can be found serving our volunteer charities, institutions, ambulance, and fire squads throughout the county, and the magnificent buildings form the heart and soul of our Shire Town of Middlebury.

Whenever we of the greater Addison County community travel outside Vermont and are asked, "where do you live?", we usually just simply answer, "Middlebury" (because we realize not many people have ever heard of "Shoreham", or "Ripton", or "Orwell") .... but nine times out of ten, it's a good bet the questioner will reply....

"ah, yes... Middlebury College...."

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